Using a stringer

I have decided that I don’t like using a stringer to hold my fish. I came to this conclusion while fishing a couple of weeks after hurricane Isaac hit. The storm pushed salty water into the marsh, and with it came sharks. I have not had any trouble with them before, although some friends have had shark issues while kayak fishing. I had a trout and a redfish on my stringer and was cruising along in a little canal. I noticed that the stringer had been pulled back to the end of the kayak, so I stopped to adjust and secure it. Then I paddled on about 50 yards. Suddenly the redfish erupted from the water about two feet from me. I pulled the stringer in and found half a redfish. The trout was gone too. From now on I will make the decision to keep or catch and release fish before I leave the bank. If I am keeping fish then I will put them in a cooler bag or ice chest. No more trolling for sharks with fish on a stringer for me.