Modified Hobie Outfitter

My wife or one of the daughters takes the front seat of the Hobie Outfitter on occasion, but on most trips I have the Hobie Outfitter to myself. I could stand and fish in this tandem kayak pretty well, but the surface was not so level and the Mirage drive reduced the area of floor board. I thought it could be better, so I got the idea to add a casting platform made out of 3/4 inch plywood. I wanted it to be super stable for standing and fishing, so I added Hobie amas (outriggers). I found this modification made the Outfitter like fishing from a little moveable island. There is space under the plywood deck for tackle, equipment, an anchor, etc., and I left enough of a gap at the bow for a tackle box or fish bag (held in place by carabiner). I used the forward flush rod holders to receive pvc drain pipes that  hold the plywood in place and double as extended rod holders. The plywood is also notched on the aft end so that it fits into the mounts used by the amas crossbar, serving to further stabilize the plywood. I glued down a large fish ruler and applied some adhesive no-slip textured strips so my feet will not slide if the board gets wet or slimy from fish. I treated the plywood with several coats of water sealant to prevent warping or splitting when it contacts water.




It is nice to pole along from the deck and sight fish, and being flat and unobstructed, it does not catch the stripped line when I fly fish.  After I “pool tested it” I put it to the test in the south Louisiana marshes. I have been please with the results.