Hopedale Marsh, 1-30-2016

Fishing Report

Date: 01/30/16

Place: Hopedale, near Breton Sound Marina

Wind: 10-15 mph from S

Tide: no range, but water was pushing in due to S wind

Moon: waning half moon

Solunar period: strong major period at 5 p.m.

Sky: Mostly cloudy, then sunny about 3:30

Temperature: 60 at start – 68 F for the high

Water Temperature: 55-60 F (warming trend)

Water Level: about 1-2 ft. below normal, came up about a foot while fishing.

Water Clarity: fair, about 1-2 ft. of visibility

Time on the water: 11 a.m to 5 p.m.

Water covered: About 6 miles

Other fishers: solo trip

Fishing the warming trend after a cold front, temperature was about 50F earlier during the morning hours. Bridge to Hopedale / Shell Beach was open, and I made it down to Breton Sound Marina. I fished conventional tackle due to the wind forecast. I brought a bait caster and three spinning reels. A spinner bait was on the bait caster, and chartreuse and gold spoons on two spinning rods. A Gulp! shrimp on a 1/8 oz jig was on the third spinning rod. In spite of the low water, I was able to pedal most places. There were shallow areas, but I was able to travel in a deeper trough that was usually 2.5-4 feet of depth. I fished hard and threw the spoon, spinner bait, and Gulp! shrimp. Covered a lot of good looking water but had nothing to show for it, and did not see a hint of a redfish all day. I turned in off a canal into some broken marsh about 4:30 and immediately had a trout hit the tight-lined Gulp! shrimp. I missed another trout and pedaled a little deeper into the marsh and picked up nice 16” fish and then another 13”er. Missed another and then got another to the yak before it came off – all in a span of about 10 minutes. I would have liked to stay and catch a bunch of trout but it was getting late in the afternoon and I didn’t want to get caught out in the dark so I started back toward the truck. Made it back well before dark with the strong tail wind pushing me in.