City Park, New Orleans, LA 3-12-2016

Conditions: a little rain, heavy overcast sky, windy 5-15 mph from the SE, temperature about 70 F.

The weather was ugly today. I did not want to get stuck out in the marsh in the kayak and get stormed upon. But I still wanted to fish, so  I went to City Park with my 5 weight “pond rod”.  I was just a short jog to the truck if it got bad. I fished all the way around the large lake to the east of the museum. The fish seemed to be around the bridge near the parking lot. I caught a half dozen bream, 3 small bass, and what looks like a small hybrid striper (did not know those were stocked in the “big lake”). An orange jitterbee with a little soft hackle around the collar was what they liked. Eventually a tree fish latched on to the jitterbee and it broke me off. That jitterbee was the only one of its kind that I had with me. I need to tie some more!