Delacroix, 3-19-2016

Fishing Report

Date: 03/19/16

Place: Delacroix

Wind: 0-5 mph from multiple directions early, later gusty from the west at about 3 pm with storm front passing through

Tide: Low at noon. Water stayed high and did not drop all day

Moon: waxing, 3/4 moon

Solunar period: major period around noon (about when I caught fish)

Sky: high clouds early, then rain clouds later

Temperature: 78 F for the high

Water Temperature: 72 F

Water Level: high, muddy is places, very clean in other places

Water Clarity: 1 to 4’ visibility

Time on the water: 8:30 to 3:30

Water covered: About 4 miles

Other fishers: solo

I combat launched at Delacroix. I chose to fish today since a cold front is passing through and the weather is going to be cooler and windy for the next few days. I brought one fly rod rigged for reds with a chartreuse spoon fly and had a two-piece spinning outfit as backup. The wind was forecast to be light at dawn, and was predicted to be 15-20 mph about 11 a.m. with a good chance of rain. The weatherman really missed on the forecast and good conditions held longer than expected. The wind was mild or totally still up until about 2:30 today. About 3 p.m. the cold front moved through and brought a squall with it. The wind finally came up and pushed up white caps from the west. Luckily I brought my rain suit and spinning rod because I did not know what kind of weather to expect. Mosquitoes and gnats were not too bad in spite of the still periods with no wind to keep them away.

The morning broke pretty and sunny, but by the time I made it to the launch the sky had clouded up. With little wind and overcast sky, the water’s surface was like a silver mirror for most of the day. It would be almost impossible to sight redfish underwater with these conditions. I was hoping that the redfish would come up and show themselves, but I did not spot one all day. Tough conditions for fly fishing. I saw lots of mullet surfacing and making little ripples throughout the day. I cast at any little swirl in hopes that it was a redfish, but 99.9% of the time it was likely a mullet or some other baitfish. I kept waiting to see the clear sign of the back or tail of a redfish, but I really was unsure if a saw one all day. About 30 minutes after launching I came across some surface activity and tossed the spoon fly in that direction. I got an 18” redfish to bite and it came in without too much trouble. I took a little video of it. I released the fish but did not get any more bites in this area so I pushed onward.

I went about 2 miles out from the launch and saw some clouds moving my way. Additionally, there was a large waterspout off in the distance, so I decided not to get too far out today. I fished in some broken islands, casting the fly rod. I was not seeing anything, so I started throwing a spoon on the spinning outfit. Still no luck, so I switched to a Seein Spots in line spinner with a Salt Water Assassin in the “chicken on a chain” pattern. That seemed to be what they liked. I caught a couple of redfish in the span of about 10 minutes and missed three or four others that bit well but did not hook up. Knowing that redfish were around, I tried the spoon fly as I drifted slowly for a couple hundred yards. After no success, I switched back to the in line spinner and caught a 22” redfish on the next cast. ????? Strange that I could not get them to hit the spoon fly.

I drifted along and got a couple of 12” speckled trout to bite the in line spinner, and had 3-4 more good bites from reds that did not hook up. I tried the fly rod a bit more and was about to tie on a topwater bug because it was so still. Maybe they would eat that. About that time I looked over my shoulder and saw some dark clouds coming fast and the wind went from 0 to 15 mph in a heartbeat. The cold front was passing through. First there was a light mist, then little drops, and next a surge of wind whipped rain pelted me. I was not too worried, because there was no lightning associated with it. I headed over to some canes and got behind them to get out of the wind and whitecaps. I was only about 200 yards from the truck, so I did some casting and got one bite but no hook up. It looked like there would be an extended period of wind and rain, so I packed it in about 3:30.