Beauty and the Beast, Delacroix 3-26-2016

Fishing Report

Date: 03/26/16

Place: Delacroix

Wind: 5-10 mph from E early, gusty  with storms passing through early, switched to NNE later

Tide: Rising about half a foot

Moon: waning, 3/4 moon

Solunar period: minor period around 10 a.m.

Sky: overcast, sometimes heavy clouds with lightning, sun peeked out for a few minutes

Temperature: 75 F for the high

Water Temperature: 70 F

Water Level: moderate and climbing

Water Clarity: 1 to 4’ visibility

Time on the water: 7:15 to 3:30

Water covered: About 4 miles

Other fishers: Jenna Miller, Greg Breedlove

Today was forecast to be the best day of the weekend for fishing, but the weatherman missed by a mile. About the time we launched it was time to come back in. The lightning started cracking and we made a break for the trucks. I watched the radar on my phone and it looked to be clearing. The warm E wind was sliding under cold air moving in the other direction and this rapidly spawned another thunderstorm. We made a quick run back in to shelter once again. Another 30 minute lightning delay and we were back at it about 9 a.m. The storms fired up the fish and Greg caught 2 reds in between the storms.

We were all expecting very different conditions. I brought one fly rod rigged for reds with a chartreuse spoon fly and a second rigged with a gurgler and a light weight clouser minnow on a dropper. Jenna was rigged up with spinning rods, one with a Gulp! shrimp under a cork and the other with a chartreuse Aqua Dream spoon.

It was another tough day for fly fishing. I felt like I was going through the motions with the fly rods, not really in the game today. I had not slept well because I was thinking about fishing and preparations for the trip all night long. I woke up about 2 a.m. and checked the clock, repeated the process at 3, and finally got up at 3:45 and made some coffee.

The sky made the water too reflective to see fish below the surface and the reds were not volunteering their location. So I flailed away most of the morning without any luck. Jenna had a nice speck hit her Gulp! that measured about 18”. Then she caught a smaller throw back speck. Greg was having a good day with the redfish and had caught 2 more when I checked in on him.

Jenna somehow managed to break the jig head off so I switched her to a Seein Spots in line spinner with a Salt Water Assassin in the “chicken on a chain” pattern. I told that this lure would get her a big redfish. I was frustrated, so I grabbed the spinning rod with the spoon and started throwing. It wasn’t long until I caught a 17” red off a little point and tossed it in the cooler. A few more minutes passed and I saw Jenna headed toward me while struggling with a big fish. She had a 30” bull that was giving her a nice ride. I brought the net over and helped her unhook it. The hook was buried in a boney spot and it took about 5 minutes to get it out. I was thrilled that she caught a nice one. We revived it and released it for another day. It was about 2 p.m. and we turned back downwind toward the launch. We passed Greg and he had caught some trout and more redfish. He was having a really good day on the water and took home some nice fish.

Jenna and I went through a little clump of islands and I got a 23” red to eat the chartreuse spoon. I tossed it in the cooler with the little redfish and Jenna’s trout – a nice meal will be coming soon. We all loaded up and took off for home. I’m glad we toughed out the storms and got back out to catch some fish. I think I’ll opt for better conditions before I try the fly rod next time.