Chili pepper fly @ City Park, 6-5-16

Fishing Report

Date: 06/5/2016

Place: City Park, New Orleans, LA

Wind: 5 – 10 mph from SE

Tide: Not applicable

Water Temperature: ~78 F

Water Level: OK

Water Clarity: fair 1’-2’ visibility depending on spot

Moon: new

Solunar period: major period 2 p.m.

Weather/sky: mixed clouds and sun, good chance of rain

Temperature: 90 F for the high

Time on the water: 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Water covered: bank fishing ~ 1 mile

Other fishers: none

The weather was unsettled today and I did not want to get caught in a storm in a kayak, so I opted to fish in freshwater at City Park in New Orleans. If the weather got rough then I could just dash to the truck. It rained just a bit, but so far the potential storms that were forecast for today did not appear.

I tried a new red “chili pepper” fly I had tied and had a feeling that this would be a good day to sling it to some freshwater species. I made a couple of short casts and on the third cast a big Rio Grande cichlid (perch) ate the bug. It fought well on the light #5 rod and I got it in for some quick photos and released it. I tossed the fly back out and soon had another good strike. But this time it turned out to be a bull bream, and a nice one at that for City Park (the lakes get a lot of fishing pressure form urban anglers). I took a quick photo and sent the fish back. After I had landed a few more nice bream I decided to give them a break. They were sort of bedding and I didn’t want to disturb them too much. I starting moving around the “Big Lake” and started looking for Rios. I snagged my little chili pepper fly on a tree limb and had to break it off. I replaced it with a fly that A.J. Rosenbohm gave me. I saw several pairs of bedding Rios but could not get them to eat the fly. The bass seemed to like A.J.’s fly and I ended up with four small ones between 6 and 12 inches. Then I spied a pair of Rios on the bed and flipped the fly to them. One immediately inhaled it. It wasn’t a mature “bull” (no hump on its head), but it put up a scrappy fight.

I ended the day with 6 really nice bream and 2 small ones, 4 bass, and 2 Rios.