Delacroix, LA 10-13-2016


Wind: 5-10 mph – Northeast/East

Tide: little range

Water Level: high, water above the grass line

Water Temperature: neutral to touch

Water Clarity: poor, less than a foot

Water salinity: fresh, no salt tasted

Weather/sky: sunny

Temperature: ~ 65 – 85 F for high

Moon: Waxing, ¾ full

Solunar period: fair major period @ noon

Time on the water: 12:30 to 6 p.m.

Water covered: ~ 5 miles

Other fishers: solo trip

The water is usually dirty around the canal where I launch my Outback kayak, but it often clears up back in the marsh. This was not the case today. No sight fishing today due to very dirty water. Dirty water is the flyfisher’s enemy – it is even worse than wind.

I had two #8 weight rods, one rigged with a clouser minnow for speckled trout and the other rigged with a spoon fly for redfish. I fished the clouser through spots where trout usually hang out but did not get a bite. With the water high and redfish in the grass, I tried to keep my kayak close and parallel to the shoreline of a small chain of islands in the marsh. I was usually only casting 20-30 feet of line to control the fly and keep it running right along the edge of the bank. The gusty crosswind would not let me throw more line. I was hoping to drop the spoon fly close enough for the redfish to see it in the dirty water. This worked surprisingly well since I was doubtful of whether I would catch anything due to the muddy water. I hooked 3 and landed 2 of them. One was a little undersized at 15” but the other two were smaller slot reds (catch was released). I worked my way through some really nice marsh but could never find any clean water.

Shrimp trawlers are keeping the water churned up around the Delacroix and Reggio areas. At one point there were two trawlers working in larger canals just a few hundred yards from me. I think I will find other spots to fish until the trawlers move out or inshore shrimp season ends.