Hopedale Lagoon with Jenna Miller, 12-21-2016


Wind: 5 mph from the east

Tide: Flat

Water Level: at grass line all day

Water Temperature: 58 F

Water Clarity: fair, about 2 feet

Water salinity: 1 part per thousand based on taste test

Weather/sky: generally sunny

Temperature: ~ 70 F for high

Moon: Waning, half moon

Solunar period: weak period @ 1 p.m.

Time on the water: 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Water covered: ~ 6 miles

Other fishers: Jenna Miller

Jenna and I took off from Pip’s launch, turned right when we entered Hopedale Lagoon, and headed toward Lake Ameda. We trolled Gulp! shrimp on 1/8 oz. jig heads. The lagoon is generally about 4 ft. deep with lots of oyster shells on bottom. There are some well-known oyster reefs near the junction of the lagoon and Lake Ameda that often hold speckled trout this time of year. We drifted and trolled through this spot with no luck, so we went around the corner into Lake Ameda and tried some cuts on the shoreline for redfish. I had a nice fish follow my lure but it swirled away at the last second instead of biting. After no luck with the reds we went back to the lagoon and drifted across the shells again. About 2 p.m. I got a small trout and signaled to Jenna to come over. Another angler (Reel Rebel, from the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club) joined us as we trolled. The bite picked up but the trout were generally small. After catching several I got a 13” keeper and put it in the fish bag. Jenna was about 100 yards away closer to the eastern shoreline of the lagoon when I saw her hook up with a trout. I pedaled the Hobie kayak over to her and I got another trout on the way. We put the trout in the fish bag and got after the fish again. I went back toward the west “corner” of the lagoon where it joins with Lake Ameda and fished that area while Jenna stayed closer to the eastern side. She said she was getting bites there. I probably caught another 30 fish (plus or minus), with a few that were big enough to go in the bag. I began to cast to an area and had several 5/5 and 6/6 cast/hook ups. I threw several different colored baits but it did not seem to matter – they were not picky. I tried an Aqua Dream spoon, thinking it might produce some bigger trout. I got a few strikes, probably from small trout, but no hook ups. I went back over to Jenna and she had 2 more keeper trout and a small 16” redfish in her kayak that I moved to the fish bag. We fished for another 30 minutes and I caught several trout, mostly undersized or around the 12” length limit that were released. It was a fun day of fishing with my daughter and it made for a nice Christmas present. The “big” trout for the day was probably about 14″. I cleaned 10 specks and 1 redfish that evening, and we cooked them for a nice dinner over the holidays.