Delacroix 11-24-18

Wind: 0-10 mph from E to SE as the day progressed

Tide: 1.5 ft. range from the Shell Beach station, water did not seem to move though it was supposed to fall all day.

Water Level: high, in the grass

Water Temperature: ~ 60 F

Water Clarity: dirty, visibility about 1-1.5 feet

Water salinity: fresh

Weather/sky: cloudy at first, sunny about 10, overcast about 2

Temperature: ~ 60-75 F

Moon: full

Solunar period: minor ~ 8, major ~ 2

Time on the water: slid the Hobie Outback kayak about 7 a.m., driving home at 3 p.m.

Water covered: ~ 7 miles

Other fishers: solo trip

Game Plan: find redfish

Gear: two #8 fly rods

Lures: yellow half and half on one rod, chartreuse/white clouser minnow on the other

Got a couple of redfish on the half and half, and missed 3 more that came unbuttoned. Fish were right up against the bank. I thought several of the fish were initially snags until they started to swim away. I trolled in open water a bit and was surprised not to bump into a trout.

I was in a small pond and spied a chartreuse cork floating nearby. When I came closer it went under and then it reappeared a few minutes later. I eased up to it and wrapped my fly line around the cork and the fish took off. I was expecting a really big fish but the 24” red came in pretty quickly. The jig hook was deep in its throat and the bend went into the stomach, so I clipped the line as close as I could and released the fish. It swam away and seemed ok.

Gnats were not too bad. About the time they started to swarm the wind picked up and blew them away.

Didn’t see many ducks out there and only heard a little shooting early.